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Ron's Sea and Sky Aviation Page page is mostly for the Homebuilt Aviation enthusiast. Email me at with any corrections or suggestions.

Last Update: 4 March 2020

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General Information

Links to Homebuilt Aircraft Companies and Individual Aircraft Web Pages

Frequently Asked Questions (and Their Answers)

Aircraft Information

Personal Sites of Note


Technical Info

Cockpit Dimensions

Construction and Design Advice

Engine Information

I've collected a signficant collection of links on my Sea and Sky Engine Page.

FAA Advisory Circulars and Reference Information

Flight Testing

Materials and Specifications

Miscellaneous Technical Information




These are links to stories about flying (and a couple of other things) that I've written and shared with folks.  Most are fun, there are a couple of serious ones in the mix.

Fun Sites

These are links to some aviation-related sites which are just plain fun to go through.   They're mostly G-rated, although one or two may have some off-color jokes in sections.  Check out my own Stories section, too.

Homebuilt Aircraft Home Pages

I used to maintain a list of homebuilt aircraft projects...but owner sites come and go, and it was impossible to keep it up to date.

So...I suggest using Google or another search engine to look for sites relative to the aircraft you are interested in.

Links to Homebuilding-Related Organizations and Publications

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